Science Labs and Swimwear

Wednesday we started homeschooling. It was a great day of science, geography, literature, Language Arts and more. For J’s science, we had a cool lab experiment that broke down water molecules and altered copper into copper hydroxycarbonate. (In other words, his end of the copper wire, after being charged with a battery and baking soda…

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Whisked Away by a Song

Her little red car sped us to the airport. My sister drove, my brother was up front, and I sat in the back. “I want to show you this song,” she told us. Popping in a cd, the mournful, blended harmonies of The Weepies filled the car. The outside air seemed misty, cool, grey. After…

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Baby is Home!

We just got home with our new son. See facebook for pictures and details! (More secure)

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Sunrise and Amber Light

What an odd new stage. I am awake early and my kids are still asleep. Off and on this last month, I have had great times of waking up before the sunrise. Thinking of that great passage in Isaiah 50 that talks about God awakening me morning by morning to teach me things, I have…

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Beef Jerky and Jungle Garden

Spicy terryaki beef jerky on my lips… Using the dehydrator, and his own special marinade, my husband works for several days to marinate, and then dehydrate the strips of sliced beef that he has bought. The house smells strongly then of terryaki and spices. The wash cloths and counters are often dangerous with raw meat…

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Pregnancy Progression

These are photos showing the progression of my tummy. (Drat, stinking program. I can’t get the photos in the correct order.) The first one is me at four months. I’m wearing the green shirt, and a yellow African wrap-around skirt, facing left. The second photo, in the blue shirt and maroon skirt, is me at…

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Community at City Greyhound Bus Station

This morning I headed down to one of the City’s Greyhound bus stations. My uncle with some special needs was transferring buses here on his way further south. I was to meet him at the 10:15 am arrival and then make sure he got on the correct 11 am departure bus. I arrived a little…

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Pink Afghan Strides into Male-Dominated Battle

A fluttery pink afghan sweater floated at the top of Morgan’s grey-green camouflage pants as she ducked and swirled around in battle. Fourteen Star Wars light sabre-wielding guys yelled and battled around her. Two sides fought across our damp green lawn yesterday, as the light snow flurries fell. It was John’s 13th birthday, and the…

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Cheeses and Avocados

What a beautiful sunny day. We have finished our day of schooling and the kids are now racing outside to play. John’s got his rollerblades on, Morgan is finishing up some projects in her room while listening to Adventures in Odyssey radio theatre. I love having the windows and decks open for a fresh smelling…

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100% + 100% + 100%

Eating a nutrient-packed peanut butter sandwich for breakfast, and feeling the baby kick, I sit here. Homeschooling is happening around me and I’m just taking a break to check email and xanga stuff. My daughter does math behind me at the kitchen table. She has just felt her baby brother kick her through my tummy…

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