A Brush with Thrush

Last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, baby D and I were battling a brush with thrush. Gentian violet (sp?) was highly recommended to us by a nurse friend. The bright purple-blue stain was hilarious to us those three dosing days.

Schooling has been fun this week. We finished “The Call of the Wild,” learned about the North American continent–including a lot about Alaska– and performed several interesting science labs.

J, my older son–inspired by Jack London’s book– made up a dog sled game, which our family just now played at the kitchen table. Caught up in that excitement, all of us started brainstorming additions to J’s fun game idea. Daughter M began to sketch out a map board. Husband M jumped in often with new ideas, and I was eager to throw in story lines. “Oooh, let’s have this Lose a Turn spot be called Snowstorm!” or “Oh, neat, the temperature is getting really low. That will benefit my low temperature dogs…” Of course that did mean that some dogs were lost to the cold. By the end of the game, the bitter temperatures killed off all of our dogs, just 60 miles short of their target. Pretty realistic, I thought! Every one else is brainstorming ways of adding food, or buying new dogs or warming equipment along the way. Of course, that would add weight and lower our speeds, hmmm. Fun game, huh? J came up with that idea, inspired by The Oregon Trail, I’m sure. 🙂

How are you?

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