Science Labs and Swimwear

Wednesday we started homeschooling. It was a great day of science, geography, literature, Language Arts and more. For J’s science, we had a cool lab experiment that broke down water molecules and altered copper into copper hydroxycarbonate. (In other words, his end of the copper wire, after being charged with a battery and baking soda water, turned blueish green. Even the water turned blue! Tasted terrible too!) We had been warned not to touch the two ends of the wires together and were so curious to know what would happen if we did! Standing at the table with their swim goggles on (for lack of better protective eye wear), my kids worked away.

Yesterday was a good day academically but a harder day for me. Among another painful thing that made it hard to pick up and hold baby D, I developed a nauseating migraine throughout the day. By evening, it was miserable. But we still had a good day of school.

Mark likes to listen in on whatever history or literature books the kids and I are reading aloud for school. We enjoy him joining us so we like to read in the morning with him before he heads to work. Currently we are reading Jack London’s The Call of the Wild. It’s very dramatic, and we get choked up at sections of the book.

Today was a fabulous day! The migraine was gone when I woke up this morning. (Thanks to my brother-in-law who let me know which meds to safely take while nursing.) And thanks to La Leche League for their sage advice, I was feeling better in other ways too. Life was good. School went great today, and my kids were cheerful and polite as they did school today. We had fun studying and learning.

The windows are wide open to let in the cool breezes. Baby D is nursing here in my lap. And we have friends coming over this evening.

How are you? What’s been something fun about this week for you?

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