Sunrise and Amber Light

What an odd new stage. I am awake early and my kids are still asleep. Off and on this last month, I have had great times of waking up before the sunrise. Thinking of that great passage in Isaiah 50 that talks about God awakening me morning by morning to teach me things, I have loved stealing away to sit quietly on my couch, watch the sunrise, enjoy the early morning birds, and to spend uninterrupted time with God. What cool times, and it is only when God wakes me up, since normally I love to sleep. Thanks, Abba/Daddy.

Now, Mark has come and gone to worship practice, the sun is long up, the birds are still chirping, yet my kids remain asleep. How strange.

Cool morning breezes pass between my window and my open deck. The priest who lives across the driveway was up enjoying the sunrise this morning too. He was out on his deck with his Bible or notes for this morning’s sermon on his lap. The sun quietly climbed the sky, spilling more amber light across the whispering trees. The birds sang louder. I sighed contentedly, smiled and went back to my reading.

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