Empty Little Shoes for Now

Well dear Family, Now we know why people so often wait until 8 weeks… Since the due date calculator said that we were at 5 weeks, we hoped we were close enough to the safety range to share the news with everyone. The baby miscarried Tuesday night. For almost three hours, I had heavy cramping,…

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Mountaineers, Sutter’s Mill, and Weird Science!

We’ve been enjoying our first week back in homeschooling. I now have a 7th grader and a 3rd grader, which is crazy to me. I am so excited about this new year of history! We scarfed down “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” reading several chapters aloud a day. Partway through, we learned about steam-powered engines…

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On a Rainy Day

Hello, I have just come home from work. I sit, sipping a pepsi on a wet rainy day. Kids’ laughter echoes softly from downtairs, and faint refrains from “An Adventures in Odyssey” cd are barely audible. This is my third blog engine. I have a xanga and a facebook to talk with my students, so…

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