White Snow, Red Curry

Mmm, this is my second helping of red curry this afternoon. I came home from work, ravenous and snowy. I was going to join the family at our Y, but the car I’m driving doesn’t have windshield wipers. I figured the first few roads would be my test to see if it would be safe to drive in the snow without wipers. Um, nope, it wasn’t! At my first red light, the windshield filled up with so much snow, it was hard to distinguish when the light turned green. So, I headed home instead. Once moving, the wind blew off most of the snow, but I decided not to chance longer distances. (Yeah, I’ll call the repair shop too…)

Ahh, a quiet house to myself, which means not having to share the computer with anyone! (Is that bad?!) So I’m catching up on your blogspots, xanga posts, facebooks, etc.

Last night, my son wanted us to go Christmas shopping before swim team practice. The two of us walked around Target together, as he bought presents with his own hard-earned paper route money. It was so sweet to see him buying presents for his sister, his aunts and uncles, his dad, his new little boy cousin, and others. J even wanted to buy his own wrapping paper and tape- with his money. Scanning the rolls of wrapping paper, he found just the right one, and a good bargain too: green snowman paper. I loved seeing his generosity! “I get it, Mom,” he said excitedly once this week. “It IS more fun to give presents!” Ahh, very cool. Thanks, God, for your work in my boy.

How are you guys?

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