Pumpkins Guarding My Front Porch

Driving home from the Y this afternoon, my main plans were to get the piles of clean laundry up off my floor and to make supper before Heather came over for our wives’ Bible study later on tonight. Seeing the awesome autumn leaves swirl across the highways, though, suddenly made me want to pull over and walk into a forest to be surrounded by falling leaves. My kids liked that idea, but were slightly disheartened–thinking that we might get pumpkins and carve them instead.

Stopping at the local hardware store, we paid for and chose four medium-sized pumpkins that had good face possibilities. “We have pumpkins!” my kids cheered excitedly to Dad as we got home. “Come decorate your pumpkin!”

We had a blast. It was a little too windy to carve them outdoors (our plastic bags kept blowing away), so we carved them at the kitchen table.We loved it, and talked about what a cool family time it was!

Now the pumpkins stand silent and dark, guarding our front steps. The candles, we’ll add later as the wind dies down.

Hours later, Heather and I had a really nice time, learning and praying together as well. Have you ever read “The Power of a Praying Wife”? I recommend it for all marriages.

How are you all? What were you doing on this sunny, windy day?

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  1. everyday beautiful on October 25, 2007 at 5:38 pm

    That looks like so mcuh fun. My first date with luke was carving pumpkins!

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