Bacon in Heaven?

Friday, September 28, 2007
“Mom, I bet they’ll have bacon in heaven!” said my daughter confidently and happily.

“And I bet they won’t even need to kill pigs to get it!” she continued. “Cuz we like pigs, even if they are dirty, right? They’re nice.”
–Heaven ponderings from my eight year old. 🙂

Also today, we located and colored in the two countries of South Korea and Ghana on our individual world maps. Looking up their flags, we drew them in and colored them as well. Why Ghana and South Korea? Because their grandpa (my dad) is flying to Ghana tomorrow for a conference, and South Korea because their aunt, uncle and cousins are there, getting our new little cousin Jack!! We are so excited to meet this new adoptee.

What are you doing this warm, sunny week? 🙂

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