Coyotes, Cougars, and Pumpkin Families

Last Wednesday, we finished up school and set out on a nature hike. Our anticipated yearly tradition is to scour the woods for the most colorful and striking fall leaves. My kids and I sauntered down to “our woods” and “our river,” keeping a watchful eye out for the best leaves. At the river as the kids were playing, I got into a short conversation with a passing elderly couple about wild animals they had seen. They mentioned coyotes, foxes, and cougars spotted in the south of the cities. They even talked of two confirmed timberwolf sightings! The couple moved on, and I turned to relay this information to my kids. Already knowing about some black bear activity in the area the last few years, this newest information was exciting jet slightly scary!

Last night, our family enjoyed some take out Chinese food for a treat, and spent time carving out pumpkins. Each person got to focus on their own pumpkin face. Baby Daniel even got to have a pint-size pimpkin for him– but his big brother helped make his face.

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