“Don’t Step on the Planets When You Come Home, Hun”

Hi, we have had some great weeks of homeschooling! This week, the kids and I (8th grade and 5th grade) did some fun astronomy projects.

First, we got to represent the planets in size relative to each other. If my calculations were right, here is how the planets would look: If the sun was a minivan, then Mercury would be a raisin size. Then Venus and Earth are blueberries. Mars is the size of a Reeses Pieces candy. Jupiter is the largest– a basketball. Saturn trails a close second as a large outdoor ball. Uranus and Neptune are both nectarines, and Pluto –although now a dwarf planet like Ceres and that other one– finished last in our models as a tiny peppercorn.

Baby Daniel plays alongside us, or cries to be held and included at times. He is standing, crawling, and starting to walk along furniture.

Next up? Project #2 from last week. If we were to walk out the planets in steps, relative to their distance from each other…. where would they fall in my neighborhood and on my street? How many “steps” away from each other do you think they are?! 🙂 Answers next post….

How are you? How is school, work, family, ministry, life going for you?

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