Mother’s Day Confessions and a Shared Video Devotional

They careened up in two black vans. Car doors popped open and shut, and they emerged with masks and glittering gold balloons.

And it worried me for a moment, me in my comfy black yoga pants that I’ve been wearing all week, and my hair not fully combed this morning. Sipping coffee and on the phone to my brother, I was relaxed and slightly worried that the visitors were for me on an early weekend morning during quarantine lock-down. 
Two moms in pink and blue masks clicked open the trunks of their vans, propping them up, while four or five elementary-aged daughters gripped deflating gold metallic balloons and pulled their jackets tighter around them against the cold spring air.

A third vehicle, a grey minivan, drove up to join them, slowed slightly, looking for a clandestine place to park, and then drove further up the road.

Laughing and whispering, the women crossed our grass lawn, glanced towards our neighbor’s house to the right, and disappeared out of view from the window. 
On a Mother’s Day weekend that looks different for everyone, want to grab some hot coffee or tea with me, or a cold guava kombucha and join me for a video devotional? 
Hi from my sunny living room, trying to catch a non-ridiculous talking smile. (Video attached below)
(I was honored to guest speak online at Farmington Bible Baptist Church with Deanna and Pastor Judd Weniger this weekend, and they gave me permission to share this with you as well.) 
Happy Mother’s Day, my friend.

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