We Heard the Heartbeating Today!

Hi guys. So the baby is now 2-3 inches long–some books say it is as big as an apple?! It has hands, feet, body organs, etc. Check out this cool link for pictures of babies at our stage. Scroll down to see week 12. The photos are so amazing!


How are you guys doing? What’s new in your life? Was break relaxing for you?

Mark and I got to hear the baby’s heart beating today at the doctor’s office. It was so weird and so powerful to hear heartbeats coming from my lower torso. It suddenly makes it all so real that there really is a lifebeing living down there! Very wild, but very powerful. It’s alive, growing, and has its own separate life and personality from me. Mark said he suddenly felt more protective of me and the baby too, as we drove home that day. Very powerful.

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  1. Muddy Toes on January 10, 2008 at 3:23 am

    Wow! I can just imagine. How cool to sort of ‘meet’ your little one :o) Can’t wait until you feel little flutters!

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