On a Rainy Day

Hello, I have just come home from work. I sit, sipping a pepsi on a wet rainy day. Kids’ laughter echoes softly from downtairs, and faint refrains from “An Adventures in Odyssey” cd are barely audible.

This is my third blog engine. I have a xanga and a facebook to talk with my students, so I was hesitant to start a new blog, leary of forgetting more usernames or passwords, but the sheer number of you who have blogspots have swayed me. Cindy, Jody, Amy, Elizabeth, I’m here and am glad to get to see your blogs more fequently.

Now… off to figure out this blogspot thing…. Hmmm… (And advice?)

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  1. amysue on September 14, 2007 at 7:44 pm

    I see that you have a blog spot! I changed my template– but mine used to look like the green. Welcome!amy

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