Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Your Doorbell is Ringing!

Orange flames wobble behind ghoulish grins. 

My black ninja son has morphed into “a villain from the New Testament – you know, the ones that make the Good Samaritan necessary, Mom?” he grins mischievously, as he straps on two silver swords. 

John is heading to church with his dad. The youth group teens will work alongside the younger kids tonight, playing games and handing out candy. Four year old Daniel jumps excitedly around the living room, eager for his Awana Cubbies party to start, and tripping over his own grey warrior costume. Morgan and friends have already headed out for the evening, walking the neighborhoods together in safety. 

I flip on lights, add flames to pumpkin faces, and stock up on chocolate, eager for this chance to meet more people in our new neighborhood. Munching butterfingers, I type, play plaintive music, and wait. 

As songs flick left on my internet screen, the silence creeps higher. 

Flames flicker in the wind. Candy bars lay nestled in shiny foil. Time passes quickly for me as I read blogs, and study, but suddenly it hits me. The bell hasn’t rung once, and the chocolate sits untouched. In warmth, inside in puddles of light, I wait, with goodies to give. The door stays quiet, shut. 

Sharply, it hits me. This is like you, God. How often you say, Taste and see that the Lord is good. I have, but I want to hunger for you more and more! 

Filled with love for my God, I grab another tiny butterfinger, my cup of orange zinger tea, and my Bible. 

Taste and see that the Lord is good. He waits, in puddles of light, with food to delight the soul. He waits, and he satisfies. 

Join me, friend? Where are you reading this week? Nothing else will satisfy like Him.

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Anonymous said...

Love that God wants to satisfy! Good analogy. Stopping by from Emily"s place.

Houseofmills said...

Good analogy. =)
Did you get anyone at your door eventually? Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Love the way you tied the candy and the light to our Lord. We should all "taste" what God has laid out for us.
Thanks for commenting on my post. You asked about my daughter. She is an actress (October Baby her first major motion picture, she is the lead roll of Hannah). Her adventure is another movie set in South Africa and Indonesia. She made it home last week. Thank you for asking.

AmyAlves said...

Wanting more of Him. Him to show up and knock on the door of my heart... yes sister! He's faithful. ~ Love from Maine, Amy

Alecia Simersky said...

What a peace-filled post. And the image of you sitting and being filled of not only chocolate, but God :)

Pam said...

Love this line: He waits, in puddles of light, with food to delight the soul. He waits, and he satisfies.


elizabeth said...

Good analogy! Thanks so much for your kind comment on my guest post at Imperfect Prose.

Cheryl Barker said...

What a great analogy, Jennifer. And I love Butterfingers, too :) I've been reading in Psalms lately and just finished Lamentations not long ago. I think I could read from the Psalms everyday and never tire of it!

Dontmissyoursunsetlady said...

What an insight! So true! Thanks for the congrats on my award!

Pamela said...

Reading of David's love for His enemy, Saul. Saul, who tried to kill him numerous times. Still David wouldn't touch him because he was God's anointed. Made me think...

Have you tried Lipton's Mango Peach tea? It's my new favorite.

Jennifer Dougan said...

Hi Diane,

Thanks, friend. Sorry for my delay in getting back to you.


Jennifer Dougan said...

Hi Liz,

No, no one ever came! Wierd, but we are enjoying the chocolate. ;)

See you soon.

Jennifer Dougan

Jennifer Dougan said...


That's got to be exciting, scary, and proud! :) I'll have to look into your daughter's film. I bet you are happy to have her home now too. All the best for her films!

Thanks for stopping by my site.


Jennifer Dougan said...

Thanks, Amy from Maine. :)


Jennifer Dougan said...


Thank you. Filled of chocolate and God-- a good prospect for any day. :)

Thanks for stopping by. Sorry for my delay in responding.

Jennifer Dougan

Jennifer Dougan said...


The puddles of light entreat me too.... Thank you. "He waits, he satisfies." Yes!

Thanks for stopping in.


Jennifer Dougan said...

Thank you, Elizabeth, for stopping by here.

I appreciated your vulnerability on Emily's post. Blessings to you,

Jennifer Dougan

Jennifer Dougan said...


The Psalms are so good! I just quoted from them today in fact.

mmm, and those butterfingers are still calling my name. :)

Have a great week,

Jennifer Dougan said...


Thank you. I'm glad it encouraged you.


Jennifer Dougan said...

Hi Pam,

David is one of my husband's favorite biblical characters to study and teach on! :)

No, I haven't tried that kind of tea yet, but I love mangoes in general. Hmmm... thanks for the idea. :)