Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sugar Cubes, Graveyards, and Secret Smiles (How to feel close in prayer?)

It was the kitchen that we snuck into to munch sugar cubes and stir up clandestine kool aid as church teens during my family’s ultra-health food phase. Surrounded by gravestones, a line of towering fir trees, and the best green apple tree you ever climbed up into with a book, the tiny blue and white country church stood beside the road for over a hundred years. In this sparkling white kitchen, six or seven of us gangly, spiked nineties-bangs-girls perched self-consciously on metal folding chairs for middle school Sunday School. Bonnie Konsor brought doughnuts or baked goods and taught us God’s word each week. 

Many of those lessons have faded away, but one thing stands vividly clear to me. Throughout the lessons, whenever Bonnie Konsor prayed, her lips turned up into mischievous smiles with the Godhead. As she took turns talking to the Creator, the smile in her voice spilled out so fiercely that I often popped open my eyes to wonder what joke I was missing. Eyes tightly shut, she grinned lovingly and listened to her God, then smiled some more and answered him back. 

I was struck with the intimacy and affection she so obviously had with her Creator, and it endeared him to me all the more. This was a God with whom one could share private jokes, exchange affectionate smiles, and laugh together in the dark. 

Now, while praying, I pause, think of his face and love for me, and grin back in silence. This God is smiling at you too. You delight him.

I love getting to know you and appreciate learning from you. What adds intimacy to your prayer life? Who has impacted your view of prayer over the years?  (If you are commenting through from email, click here.)


Brian Miller said...

smiles...that is so cool...i would def have been peaking as well to watch her face....its awesome to see people so lost in prayer with god....lovely....

Dontmissyoursunsetlady said...

thanks for conforming what God is showing me and sharing your heart! said...

Irene Howell was my Bonnie, an amazing, gracious woman of prayer who prayed for me, long after I left her 6th grade Sunday School class. I remember once, many years later, my mothering calling me. I was in my late twenties and had recently taken on the role of single mother. Apparently, Mrs. Howell had called my mother to get an update on me. She promised her prayers on my behalf.

It greatly comforted me then, some eighteen years beyond my being her SS student. I'm reminded of her dedication on Sunday mornings when I teach the 2 or 3 precious young souls who come through my door to hear the Good News!

We are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, are we not?


Unknown said...

Oh I do think He longs for us to have such an intimate relationship with get lost in our love for Him and Him for us. and just like any relationship...if one does all the talking it is an out of balance relationship...we need to get quiet...and listen to His love speak to us...blessings to you~

Unknown said...

My friend Drama, who is 40 years or so older than me, talked to God as if she knew him. Simply watching her was a gift. Drama took the time to mentor me, teach me how to study God's word, and have a friend in Jesus. These days, intimacy with God is as close as I will allow. I just have to remember that the veil is torn.

Jennifer Dougan said...

Brian, I agree. I love seeing people caught up in conversation with their God! :)


Jennifer Dougan said...

Hi Angelonwheels,

Isn't it fun of God to speak to us in several ways? Glad I could be used by him too.


Jennifer Dougan said...


Your Irene sounds wonderful. I love that she checked in on you later in life too. Thanks for now being one of those teachers yourself! :)

Have a lovely week,

Jennifer Dougan said...

Ro Elliott,

"If one does all the talking, it is an out of balance relationship" -- amen. Thanks, Ro.

Have a great week,

Jennifer Dougan said...

Hi Kara,

Your line "These days intimacy with Jesus is as close as I will allow," is a thought-provoking statement. Hmmm, may our hearts always strive to walk closely with him! Thanks, Kara. Hurray that the veil is torn too!

Have a great afternoon,