You Had Me at …Avocados

He was waiting outside the bathroom door for me, flowers in one hand and two avocados in the other hand. I grinned and kissed him, pulling him close. It was our wedding anniversary, and my husband was speaking romance to me in my own language. Having lived overseas for many years as a kid, I crave mangoes, avocados, and guavas, yet the frugal woman in me hates splurging too often on the exotic produce. My husband knows me well and woos me in avocados!

YOU are being wooed and romanced too. You are studied, understood, and known intimately. The Artist knows your cravings, knows your sweet tooth desires, knows your hidden longings. He remembers what makes you smile. He records your tears, and cradles your broken heart. He woos you –woos US–like a Lover bringing flowers.

I am on a journey to see God’s gifts, to thank him, to run to him. This journey, this new discipline, is exciting! The “dare to live life fully right where you are” renews my way of thinking, forces me to see the gifts, name them, and run to the Giver. My family has joined me in this. We now have a “Gifts”/gratitude book that we keep on our kitchen counter and add to daily as desired. It delights me to see various hand writings scrawl their gifts across the page… daughter, her friends, son, my visiting parents. Like a guestbook of naming gifts and thanking the Giver, the Artist, the Lover. He romances and woos us, like a husband holding flowers and avocados in my hallway.

What about you? What gifts have you seen from the Artist today? We counted a huge rainbow yesterday that spanned our sky, enjoying family today, sweet cantaloupe juice, laughter and games as a family, and “happy for a great summer,” says my daughter.

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  1. Anonymous on September 6, 2011 at 7:29 pm

    Peace and a quiet confidence that he'll be faithful. Good stuff, Jen.

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