Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Chocolate Lied

 Rain clouds slide nearer, and a damp blue creeps across my lawn and window. The air cools visibly, and tree branches ruffle silently. Unfolded laundry stacks precariously on the couch behind me, and the house is still as naps or room-projects claim my children. 

Earlier this week, four year old Daniel holds up tiny chocolate squares, reading them like fortune cookies. Even though I know the words scripted into melting chocolate say “Hershey,” he is convinced they predict his future. And the future is always the same. “Daniel can go to my friend David’s house today!” “Mom, Mom! Yook! It says, ‘Daniel can go to my friend David’s house!’” 

“Your chocolate is wrong. Sorry, bud. That’s not today. On Wednesday you can go to your friend David’s house.” 

“No, see?” He hands me the chocolate square, pointing to the letters. “Daniel can go to his friend David’s house today” looks remarkably like a location in Pennsylvania, but I smile. “Pretty soon, huh?” 

Today, his chocolate fortune is coming true. 

His nap winds wonderfully long right now though, and I wipe batter off kitchen counters after zucchini muffins and chocolate chip cookies. Traffic hums in the distance, and I ponder what my pleasures promise me, and how often they are wrong. 

It's a deep thought for me today, and I save, hit publish, and walk away, still pondering.


AmyAlves said...

Love a safe, pondering heart Girl! Today I'm pondering while living through the end of a season... realizing more and more that what I need is to say "yes" to Him and soak up everything He brings my way! Whether it may be bad habits, cravings, pain, or joy and playing! May God's Spirit rest greatly on you today my friend! ~ Blessings out, Amy :)

LOLITA said...

Oh, worldly pleasures predicted to lead the wrong turn.

How I wish it was simpler like the chocolate square predictions read by Daniel.

Anyway, good to hear that rain is around your little Eden. Blessings to you and the kids and to Pastor.

Cheryl Barker said...

Your little boy made me smile :) I've never tried reading my chocolate, but it sounds like fun -- as long as it doesn't say "Don't eat me!" :)

Dontmissyoursunsetlady said...

Solid unique word... Do you think Daniel would share his Hershey with me it is my favorite!

Jennifer Dougan said...


"Ending a season, and saying yes to him".... it intrigues me to know more! :)


Jennifer Dougan said...


Thank you, friend! What have you been reading and learning lately?


Jennifer Dougan said...


I'm glad my chocolate doesn't speak to me :)


Jennifer Dougan said...


Mmm, doesn't a Hershey bar sound good? Yes, he and I would love to share if you were here. :)

What have you been reading and thinking about lately?