Friday, September 23, 2011

5 Sure Signs You Haven't Been Working Out Consistently

1.) You have to introduce yourself to the new childcare staff when you drop off your son.
2.) The baby diapers in your work out bag are two sizes too small.
3.) Your locker lock is still at home in your "Let's go to the outdoor pool!" bag alongside sunscreen bottles. 
4.) Counting laps around the track involves sheer determination and internal bullying. ("No, you can NOT stop! Yes, I know you are dying. We are going to 30..."
5.) During cool down after the two miles, you seriously fear your legs will give out and send you toppling over the railing to the gym of basketball players below.

Grab your workout clothes and join me in the wobbly, sore legs feeling! It's a great sense of accomplishment. (For those who were with us last week, we were talking about persistence. This is me starting to be more consistent in working out.)

How about you? What do you wrestle with in being consistent? What victories have you seen this week? Spending time in God's word is a big thing too that Christians wrestle with in being consistent. Let's spur each other on. Where are you reading in God's word today/this week? 

The Romance in the Moment to Moment winner from this post is Britni. Britni, email me at with your address so I can send you a tailor-bought gift card for your town. Thanks.


Rachel Olsen said...

Just started a new Bible study called Discerning God's Voice. I pray I'm consistent in listening for it everyday AND consistent in following it!


tandemingtroll said...

I bought a Family Fitness book at a Homeschool Used Book Sale and it inspired me to work out more. I want to be an inspiration to my kids that you can get fit at any age. So we all have goals to meet the Presidential Fitness goals by May. This week was a killer on my inspiration and next week doesn't look much better as we are vacationing, though swimming is an option. But I remind myself that persistence doesn't mean that you are perfect in your pursuit, but rather, that you keep returning to it.
Thanks for stopping by on my blog, too!

Sheryl said...

Consistency is so hard for me. I partially blame it on my off the chart P identifier on the Myers-Briggs. I'm not a big fan of routine, but I know somethings have to be consistent. Right now, getting back into blogging is harder than I thought it would be--and my life is much simpler now. Sigh. I will get there!

Sonya Lee said...

Great post! LOL! I loved the reasons you know when you've gone too long without working out. Hysterical!

Unknown said...

I find having a work out partner helps. I walked 4 miles today! It's hard and my legs ache, but it feels so good to have accomplished. keep going! You can do it!

NotaSupermom said...

It's been so long I've forgotten when the gym is.

I know where the French bakery is blindfolded, though.

You see my problem.