Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Name of the Game

It was the first day of a new Writing class and the dozen or so students in the class were nervous, and getting their 3-ring binders ready for the mountain of paper that they had heard the teacher was soon to give out.

"I'm Christian," the dark haired, dark eye-browed young male said to John. John, for whom his faith is really deep and just a natural part of life, answered, "Me too," and he went on sorting his divider with barely a glance up.

After a short silent pause, the dark haired teen said, "No, I mean my name is Christian!"

"Oh," John smiled. "My name's John." The two boys talked some more, and then the class started.

1 comment:

Muddy Toes said...

You're back! :o)

We know a Christian too...he is 7 and tells everyone there are 9 letters in his name...