Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hi all, it's been a busy six weeks. Sorry for not updating sooner. You'll laugh. I'm sitting here in my living room with stain removers working on various outfits. On the tan corduroy pants that I'm still wearing, there are two spots of Tide stain removal drying. That was an accident from lunch--fresh tomatoes, cucs, red peppers, and basil leaves lightly tossed with olive oil and cider vinegar. I dripped that on me as I was updating facebook, nursing Daniel and trying to eat one-handed.

On the floor behind me are two brown shirts that have oil stains on them. I asked the smart moms I know for their advice on removing tough oil stains. Shari, Karen and Deb all passed on ideas. Apparently the consensus is something about wd-40 and Dawn dish soap. So, behind me on my living room floor are two shirts sprayed with wd-40 and now rubbed with dish soap. This will either cure the stains or add to them greatly!

The story behind the stains on my shirts? One was a drip from a delicious egg roll that Misty made for me when the Lawsons brought over a home-made meal during our first few weeks home with baby. (Thanks, guys!) The other brown shirt is a hand-me-down from my nieces! They have passed down clothes to my daughter for years. Now they are getting older and have clothes and shoes that fit me at times. This cute brown hoodie was too cute to put into a bag for a few years, waiting for Morgan to fit into it. I snagged it. (Thanks, K and R!) Apparently they were attacked by dripping egg rolls too, since the stain is in the same place.

Our garden has struggled through the summer of little weeding and sporadic watering due to a new baby. But we are enjoying some rewards! There have been green beans, tomatoes, chives, cucumbers, cantaloupe, and now--some beautiful gladiolas! Check out these neat photos.

I have missed blogging and talking with you all. How are you? Many of you are just now getting back to school too. How's that going? How are your classes? Or, for the non-students, how are your new fall schedules different?

I haven't been able to tell you some more fun family stories from the last few weeks. Check back to hear the adventures of the gas alarm and the front yard; the creative kind serving things that Morgan has come up with lately; John's cool deep thoughts; and more.

Meanwhile, catch me up on your life....