Sunday, April 6, 2008

Having a science museum membership is nice as a homeschooling family, but sometimes we are gluttons for our own punishment. This week was the last week of the special 6-movie Imax film festival. Having missed them so far this month, we decided to try to see several of them in a few days. So, cramming short trips down to the museum in between Phonics, History, Math, French, and Latin, we raced to see three films. One of them was about Mount Everest in the Tibet area. Another film was on the Alps in Europe, and the last film was on a lion pride in Botswana. They were great! However, we are tired from all the extra driving these last eight or nine days.

My son had his swim team banquet Friday night. He was one of 30 or so teens on the team. Each kid walked up proudly to the front of the room to get their trophy, a heavy m
arble-like block with a spinning gold metal thing on top. They look cool, and he and his friend Noah blew on their trophies to make them spin around in the bases.

Our family watched the movie about Mr. Bean's Vacation last night. It was funny hearing him say "Gracias" each time he was supposed to be speaking French. Rowan Atkinson is so strange but so funny.

How was your weekend?

Edit: This is a cool tree that I have growing on my kitchen table. It is the burl from a Redwood tree in California. The green sprouting tree-lings are growing out from a chunk of a redwood tree trunk. Cool, huh? Thanks to Cindy and her mom for getting me one!

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