Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Chinese New year!

Today was a fun day. For part of school, we made invisible ink messages, having learned about coded messages t
hat traveled back and forth in World War I. I was tempted to try to affix the messages to our cats at one point, since the armies used to send messages via pigeons and dogs. We laughed though that our cats would probably not cooperate, or would simply lie down in "enemy fire" somewhere.

For the Chinese New Year, we talked about that with my kids, and then I made Vietnamese egg rolls from scratch! I was so proud of myself! An acquaintance had given me the recipe, saying that her mom had gotten it from a Vietnamese friend who taught her how to make it right. They were delicious and fun to make.

Here they are: before being fried, and after being fried. I made 30 of them.

How are you guys?

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